debt collection attorneys for small business in Arkansas

How a Small Business Can Benefit From Bypassing the Use of a Collection Agency

Small businesses often lack the time and resources to recover their owed debts. Debt collection attorneys are a resource for quick and confidential resolution. All businesses enter into an implicit agreement with their customers that the goods and services provided will be paid for. When that agreement is breached through non-payment or default on payment…

in-house financing collection McHughes Law Firm

Classic Collection Scenario: My Business Provides In-House Financing and We Need to Collect Overdue Debts from Customers

Your business relies on prompt compensation for your products or services to remain profitable. Legal assistance is available to business owners in recovering past-due debts. Many businesses offer some form of in-house financing as a way of aiding customers in affording their products and services. Concurrently, such businesses can benefit from these in-house financing options…