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How a Small Business Can Benefit From Bypassing the Use of a Collection Agency

Small businesses often lack the time and resources to recover their owed debts. Debt collection attorneys are a resource for quick and confidential resolution.

All businesses enter into an implicit agreement with their customers that the goods and services provided will be paid for. When that agreement is breached through non-payment or default on payment plans, small businesses have a harder time absorbing the loss than a large corporation.

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I Was Contacted By A Collection Attorney For A Debt That’s Not Mine, What Should I Do?

If you are living this scenario, contact the collections attorney and resolve the matter, either by paying what you owe or providing proof that the debt is not yours.

When a debt collection attorney calls or sends you a demand letter, it means that an unpaid debt has passed through several levels and now requires legal action. Before resorting to a lawsuit, the owed party can send letters, emails, or attempt calls in an effort to recoup their losses.

4 Types of Businesses That Often Default on Lines of Credit

Consult an attorney to learn more about your options for collecting commercial debt from lines of credit.

Loaning money or extending a line of credit always carries a degree of risk, especially in Arkansas where many markets are changing drastically. But lending institutions like yours must take precautions to minimize the instances of default when extending lines of credit to new businesses.

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Classic Collection Scenario: My Business Provides In-House Financing and We Need to Collect Overdue Debts from Customers

Your business relies on prompt compensation for your products or services to remain profitable. Legal assistance is available to business owners in recovering past-due debts.

Many businesses offer some form of in-house financing as a way of aiding customers in affording their products and services. Concurrently, such businesses can benefit from these in-house financing options through the collection of interest payments.

When Is It Time to Hire a Debt Collection Attorney for Out-of-Control Accounts Receivable?

Whether you have a good customers who have encountered financial difficulties or client invoices that are substantially delinquent, unpaid accounts can damage your cash flow and your bottom line. Bills that go unpaid due to customers who simply ignore invoices are unfortunate, common occurrences in every business’s accounts receivable department, but how do you know when…