Debt Collection

Every business operates under the agreement that it will be fairly compensated for services rendered or products provided. When that agreement is not upheld, there can be serious financial consequences.Read More »

Asset Recovery

Protecting clients’ interests is of primary concern. Whether the business is a Fortune 500 or a small, family-owned company, The McHughes Law Firm, PLLC, can help to secure or recover valuable assets.Read More »


Subrogation is the legal term for standing in the shoes of, which typically involves representing insurance companies seeking to recover on paid losses from liable third parties. This includes lien negotiation and enforcement proceedings.Read More »

Practice Area Q & A

For assistance with debt collection and related legal issues throughout Arkansas, call the seasoned attorneys on our staff. We are here to help. Find out more about our result-oriented approach and commitment to excellence.Read More »



The McHughes Law Firm, PLLC in Little Rock has nearly 50 years of combined experience representing businesses in debt collection and related issues. The firm focuses 98 percent of its practice on debt collections, including asset recovery and subrogation. As a result, the attorneys are well versed in all aspects of collections matters, bringing in-depth knowledge and strategic insight to every case.


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How a Small Business Can Benefit From Bypassing the Use of a Collection Agency

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